On a daily basis I get questions from people that want to pursue a career in illustration and have questions on where to start. In a two-part series I write about how you can give that career a kick start. The first part was posted last Tuesday. It’s good to start there.

In this second and last part, I got some help from illustration-friends. These great, talented illustrators give you tips and advice on the business.
I will discuss how to get jobs as an illustrator, how much to ask for your work and if you should work for free.


Being an illustrator is a hot job: everybody wants to be an illustrator these days. It sounds romantic, iddylic almost. Drawing and painting all day every day. And when you got the skills to create a beautiful drawing, why not make this your full-time job, right?

But where to begin? And is it the most romantic job ever? For those who are ready to dive into the world of professional illustration, I wrote this blog. Please know that this blog is written based on my own experiences and the experiences of illustrator-friends. It also includes advice of other professional illustrators.

Ready? Let’s go!