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Do you feel that spark running through your body? That artistic, creative necessity, but at the same time you run into walls that you cannot tear down by yourself? Tadaaa, here I am: your human demolition hammer πŸ™‚ I can help you break down those walls!
What I can help you with:
  • To follow your creative voice and determine its value.
  • Daring to make yourself visible among all other illustrators / creatives: how do you set yourself apart from the rest?
  • More self-confidence in what you make and who you are as an illustrator / creative.
  • How to follow your passion and make money with it too.
  • How you reach your ideal customer and what you show in your portfolio.
  • From daydreaming to reality: what do you want and how do you get there? If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m very hands-on and practical. I will help you make a plan and get you going.

Of course there’s more I can help you with! With 16 years of experience as a professional creative I can say I know the ropes of the creative industry. I worked as a graphic designer, art director, photographer and I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator for the past 10 years. E-mail if you want to ask if this is something for you!


All sessions take place online, through the app Zoom.
No sessions are available at this time, but do sign up for my newsletter if you want to receive updates on new dates!

Creative Check

Ideal if you need help with one specific problem.

  • 60-minute session via Zoom.

  • In preparation, Marloes looks at your Instagram and/or website.

  • You provide a clear question (what you struggle with right now) as a starting point for the conversation. If you need answers to multiple issues or need to elaborate more, please check the sessions on the right πŸ™‚

  • You will receive a recording of the conversation afterwards, so you can listen back.

If you want to use this session for a portfolio review: that’s possible.

Creative Boost

Perfect if you like to dive in deeper and get your creative career to a higher level.

  • 90-minute session via Zoom.

  • You fill in an elaborate questionnaire in advance with questions about where you are now and what your dreams / questions / bottlenecks are. You also formulate a clear question as a starting point for the conversation.

  • In preparation, Marloes looks at your Instagram and/or website, and reads in on your questionnaire which will be covered in the session.

  • You will receive a recording of the conversation afterwards, so you can listen back.

If you want to use this session for a portfolio review: that’s possible.

Creative Drive

Best choice if you need Creative Boost including an indepth portfolio review, and a follow up session afterwards to make sure you stay on top of your game.

  • Two sessions: 90-minute session + 60-minute session via Zoom.

  • You fill in an elaborate questionnaire in advance with questions about where you are now and what your dreams / questions / bottlenecks are. You also formulate a clear question as a starting point for the conversation.

  • In preparation, Marloes looks at your Instagram and/or website, and reads in on your questionnaire which will be covered in the session.

  • In extra preparation, Marloes looks at your selected portfolio pieces (10-15 works) which we will disect in our session.

  • A while after the first session you get an extra 1-hour session to see where you are and how Marloes can help you further.

  • You will receive a recording of the conversation afterwards, so you can listen back.

Follow up

If you did one of the sessions with me and want to do a check up after a while to see if you’re still on the right track, or get my help tackling stuff, you can book a session at € 150 excl. 21% VAT an hour with me.

My own bumpy road

My path from a creative child to a professional image maker didn’t go entirely smoothly. I’ve had many bumps in the road, including teachers who didn’t see what I had in me because I was very quiet (and bullied) and parents who didn’t fully grasp who I was nor my drive to create things. For a long time I felt misunderstood, and it made me feel lonely at times. Deep down I knew this is why I was here so I persevered.
I lived in a village where being different from the rest wasn’t exactly appreciated, and at age 28 I moved to the other side of the country by myself, heartbroken, to start over. And that’s where I blossomed! What I needed was the right people around me, and I needed alone time to figure out who I really was. It took depression, therapy and time, but it brought me where I am today and I wouldn’t want anything different.

I now also know that you don’t necessarily have to walk a path like mine to get where you want to be. I had to do that so that I can help others. I also feel that I need to share, and that I like to help others to make it easier for them.

I started to study the psyche of human beings, and have read about 100 books on self-development, business, mindset, making money, creativity and how to take good care of yourself. At first I thought I had to understand everything around me before I could help others, but now I also know that I have enough experience and wisdom to pass on. It would be a shame if I’d wait any longer to share. Life is too short not to do what brings you happiness πŸ™‚

Since I know what it feels like to have those bumps in the road and how hard it is sometimes to get over them, I want to be your cheerleader (although without the pom poms). If you feel insecure about the steps you want to take: I understand you, been there, done that πŸ™‚
I would like to help you get over those bumps, to pull out what you have in you. Because I believe everyone, no one excluded, has something special and meaningful to bring to the world. Sometimes you just need a little help to see what that something is. By going into conversation with you, listening to you intently and filtering what you really want, we can get there. You don’t have to do this alone.

My creative path in short:

  • At the age of 4 I announced that I wanted to become a painter.
  • When I was 9 years old I wanted to go to art school.
  • When I was 14 I started designing websites for ‘fandoms’, which were fansites about famous actors and musicians, commissioned by others.
  • When I was 18 I was admitted to art school and a year later I started freelancing for companies through a department at school.
  • When I was 21 I graduated and started working as a graphic designer and photographer at a large advertising agency, developing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the Netherlands.
  • When I was 23 I started working for a marketing agency as an art director. Very young but so passionate about it. At first.
  • A year later I quit my job because the very much commercial aspect of marketing didn’t fit me and started freelancing as a designer, art director and photographer so that I could decide which direction to take.
  • When I was 25 I decided to make my childhood dream come true by starting to draw again. I became an illustrator and worked for publishers like Workman NY and Hodder UK, and magazines like Flow.
  • Aged 34, I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve in the profession: publications worldwide, awards for my work, exhibitions in the Netherlands and the US, and I now had a weekly comic in girls’ magazine Tina, as the only woman who is both screenwriter and is a draftsman. It was time for the next step.
  • I am now 35 and have been able to do many beautiful things as a creative professional. Currently I’m taking some new exciting steps in the world of fine art. I would like to pass on my knowledge of the past 21 years to others, because I know how it can feel and I hope that I can make it a bit easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these sessions suitable for?

I find many people interesting and beautiful, but with these coaching sessions I mainly focus on female creatives (illustrators, designers, artists, photographers). This is because in our western culture girls and women are taught certain habits that are not always beneficial if you want to work as a (creative) professional and entrepreneur. I want to help women to break free from making themselves unneccarily small, to quite postponing your dreams out of fear, to encourage your voice being heard and to build confidence as a creative being.
Men who feel that they also need this are certainly very welcome πŸ™‚

Is it available in Dutch? / Is het ook mogelijk om het in het Nederlands te doen?

Ja, graag zelfs! Ik spreek Nederlands natuurlijk, en als tweede taal spreek ik Engels. Je kunt, als je een sessie hebt geboekt, aangeven dat je de sessie in het Nederlands wilt doen.

Do you teach me how to illustrate and draw?

No, there is no pencil involved, unless you take notes πŸ˜‰ See above, below ‘What can I help you with’.

Are these sessions suitable for creatives that are just starting out?

If you are on the verge of stepping into a professional creative career, these sessions are totally suitable! If you need help with your portfolio, want to know more about how to work with clients (what do they expect, what should you deliver), etc., this is for you.
If you haven’t been drawing or illustrating at all yet, I’d say it’s best to focus on practising a bit more, and developing your drawing skills before you tackle the business-side of illustration.

How do I know for sure if a session is right for me?

You never know anything for sure, but based on the questionnaire that you fill in (Creative Boost and Creative Drive), I will check beforehand if I can help you with your question / problem. If I feel like I can’t help you, I’ll honestly tell you. Of course you do not have to pay in that case. It is my goal to help you, and if I fail at that I will be very unhappy. So, we’re not going to do that πŸ™‚
The end result is our joint commitment: I give everything I have during a session. In order to achieve an optimal result it is required that you also go for it! If you feel that you are not quite ready to really take steps, then I advise you to find the right motivation first. That ensures a better result!

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a software where you can make video calls with someone. It resembles Skype, but is slightly nicer for these types of sessions. Read more here. I recommend getting the desktop-app as it works much smoother than logging into from your webbrowser. If you do not want to make video calls: telephone calls are also possible.

Pooh, that’s quite an investment!

It sure is, I understand that all too well.
What I give you is my knowledge of years of experience, of which 14 years at a professional level, in a relatively short session focused on your specific questions. I am sure that this will save you a lot of time and stress.
Each session is divided into: preparation / questionnaire / research, then the conversation we conduct, and completion / summary and possibly the creation of the original work (depending on which package you choose). So you do not only pay for the time we speak, but also the time I invest to be prepared and deliver value.

Am I the old / young for the sessions?

You are never too old. Could be too young though: you have to be at least 18 years old.

How do I book a session with you? And what date is available?

Click on one of the buttons on this page to go to the payment page, and book your session there.
Once you have paid you will receive an order confirmation by email with a link so you can choose your time (for online sessions). Please note that it is based on first come first serve : it may be that someone has just booked a session for you.

What should I do if all dates and places are taken?

Keep an eye on my newsletter, because I announce new sessions in it. A session might get canceled, so feel free to send me an email with your desired date and we will email you when something becomes available!

I would like to book a follow-up session. Is that possible?

That is possible! For 60 minutes you can book a follow-up that costs € 150 excl. VAT. This can be done via Zoom or telephone.

I would like to cancel my session.

If you cancel your session up to 48 hours before the agreed date and time, you get a refund minus 25% of the total amount (for expenses and reservation of hours). Refunds are not possible for cancellations less than 48 hours before the session, but if it’s something special beyond your control, we will try to reschedule it.

More questions? Feel free to ask them by email!