I hope the answer to your question is in this FAQ. Due to the number of questions, I cannot personally answer all of them. Thanks for understanding! Please note that if you’re a client, you are always free to contact me.

About me

What do you do exactly?

I’m an illustrator, author, cartoonist and designer.
What I do and make:

  • illustrations for picture books, chapter books, and non-fiction books
  • editorial illustrations for magazines and newspapers
  • illustrations for branding (with a little joke, if you like 😉 )
  • writing books on personal development for adults, as well as picture books for children
  • making comics and cartoons for magazines, like King Features (reboot of Popeye), Flow Magazine, Tina (girls’ magazine) and more
  • creating stories and illustrations to create engagement with audiences, for companies and brands on social media
  • writing articles about self-care and personal development for magazines like Flow Magazine and Charlie
Did you go to art school?

I did! I studied Visual Communication which is a combination of graphic design, photography and video. I graduated in 2007 and got a Bdes. After graduating I did several courses and masterclasses in (picture book) illustration including at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. You can find a list on my About-page!

When did you start illustrating?

In 2010 I started illustrating for clients. Before that I worked as a graphic designer, art director and photographer for ad agencies, both in-house as freelance. I’ve been working as a design professional for over 16 years. But of course I started drawing a lot earlier 🙂 I was 3 years old when I created art pieces for the fridge, and I was only in primary school when I declared I wanted to go to art school. So, I’ve always known this would be the path for me. If you’re interested in reading more, you can find pretty much my whole career here.

Work inquiries

I’ve written a book! Can you illustrate it?

Right now, I only work through publishers on books so if you have a publisher, please ask them if they see my work as a good fit.
Sarah McIntyre has written something useful about this, please have a read.

Do you take on personal commissions, like drawing portraits, wedding invitations or birth announcements?

At the moment I don’t as I’m focusing on working with publishers, magazines and my personal projects.

Do you work for free?

When it’s a charity, every staff member works for free (artists shouldn’t be the only one volunteering) and it’s a cause I support: I would love consider to work for free. Do get in touch and let’s see what we can do. In other cases: paying someone for their time shows you understand their time is valuable and you respect it. If you feel my work and time should be unpaid I’m afraid we’re not a good match.

Can I interview you for my blog/magazine/podcast/etc.?

Please feel free to send me an email explaining the type of platform and the (kind of) questions you’d like to ask. If it’s a good fit we can set a date!

Can I use one of your illustrations to print?

I would really appreciate it if you buy my work in my shop. It is not allowed to print my work to make money, or to hand out to others. Please get in touch with me so we can talk about a license and print work.

Do you sell prints or products of your work?

I do! You can find them in my shop, or in my INPRNT-shop. Unfortunately, I don’t do custom prints right now.

Can I use one of your existing illustrations for my logo/business/unrelated article/etc.?

I offer licenses for this. Please get in touch with me and let me know what you are going to use it for, what the purpose is and what your budget is. If you use my work without my permission, the fee will be much higher because you used my work illegally (duh). It is not allowed to use any of my illustrations without my consent.

Social media

Can you promote my product/services/business/[insert anything] on your Instagram?

I want to keep my Instagram personal and an honest reflection of my work, so I only consider this when it’s a service/product I would personally use, enjoy and like. When I work with a brand or company I always disclose it’s a sponsored post or ad. If you feel your product matches me/my work, feel free to get in touch and let me know what you have in mind. Please note that I feel that artists should be paid for their time and work but if it’s a charity where everyone works for free (see above: ‘Do you work for free?’), do get in touch to see if it’s a good fit.

Can I share your work on social media?

For personal use, you can share my work. Please don’t forget to credit me properly, and it’s not allowed to edit my work, or cut off my signature. If you want to share it on Instagram, you can find a re-posting guide in my highlights.
If you want to share on Facebook, please only share from my own Facebook-page directly, or if you must upload again: please link to my Facebook-page. It’s @MarloesDeVries.
If you’re a business wanting to promote your services with my work: that’s not allowed. Please follow the guidelines my Instagram highlights to see how it works.

I’ve send you a DM through social media but you haven’t answered it. Why?

Although I do my best to answer as many messages I get on a daily basis through different channels I can’t answer all unfortunately because I’m just one person. At the moment I don’t answer Instagram DM’s due to time restraints. Thanks for understanding!

For illustrators

Do you teach workshops?

At the moment there are no upcoming workshops. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter to receive information on new workshops and courses.

I want to be an illustrator but where do I start?

I have written several articles about this on my blog. Feel free to grab a cup of tea and dive into it!

I’m an illustrator with business-related questions. Can you help me?

I can! I offer 1-on-1 sessions for fellow illustrators (from beginners to experienced) to help with their business. If you’re looking for help for free: I have a blog filled with tips to help others out with freelancing and illustration.

Just one quick question…

I get a lot of ‘quick questions’ throughout the day and if I were to spend my time to answer them all I wouldn’t be able to do my work, or spend it with loved ones. Nothing personal, I’m just one person 🙂

Do you take interns?

As I feel that I should invest proper time into someone to show how the business works and I seriously lack time for that, I am not offering internships unfortunately.

Can you show me how you work?

I make a monthly exclusive video of my work process for my Patreon. You can join for $10 a month to get access to resources and exclusive content.

What materials do you work with?

I work with analogue and digital tools. I love working in Procreate (iPad) and on a Cintiq, but nothing beats good pencils (Caran d’Ache and Faber-Castell) and paints (Winsor & Newton and Holbein). I’ve compiled a list with my favourite tools here.

What digital tools do you use or recommend?

I currently use a Wacom Cintiq (older model) and Photoshop CC on my iMac. Next to that, I use an iPad Pro 12.9 inch. On the iPad I use the app Procreate for drawing, in combination with an Apple pencil. I get asked often what I prefer and I have to say: I couldn’t work solely on the iPad as I work for clients. Procreate doesn’t use the right CMYK colours which means they’re off when I send them to clients. That’s why I still use Photoshop to check every Procreate-piece I make on my iPad. Also, the resolution is a bit off in Procreate.
In general I prefer drawing on the iPad as it feels more intuitive to me than the Cintiq. The pressure on the pencil is more natural.
So, it depends on what you want to use it for. If you are a professional designer/illustrator, you can buy the iPad but always check your files on your computer in Photoshop before sending it to a client. If you’re not a professional and have money to spare, I’d recommend the iPad + Procreate as it’s more intuitive than the Cintiq.
Next to that I also use Indesign, Illustrator and I use an Epson V500-scanner for scanning my analogue work to digital.

Who are your favourite artists/inspirations?

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, here goes: Oliver Jeffers, Quentin Blake, Nora Efron, Oprah Winfrey, Mary Blair, Fiep Westendorp, Sempé, Carson Ellis, Wes Anderson, Miranda Hart, Chris Haughton, Maira Kalman, Maaike Hartjes, Rebecca Green, Posy Simmonds, Philip Glass, Fairfield Porter, David Hockney, Gemma Correll, Sarah Millican, Maurice Sendak, amongst others.