Clear illustrations that connect with the audience. With a sense of humour!

working together

I’m like a funnel.

Tell me a long and complex story, and my mind sums it up in a few sentences and images. I extract the essence. That’s what I do as an illustrator: I make complex things understandable in images (and words). I solve problems visually, so that others understand it better or that it is pleasant to watch.

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Who I enjoy working with

I work with people and organizations from different fields, from book publishers to healthcare organisations, making illustrations for children as well as for adults. I’m very interested in psychology and why people do the things they do, so if it’s a project that tackles a subject like that, I’d be very excited.

Give me a bit of creative freedom and I’ll do my best work.
Tell me exactly what I should draw and I’ll feel like a robot and I will get stuck.

What I create and do

book cover designs
Illustrations for (children’s) books
illustrations for magazines and newspapers
comics & cartoons
fine art/paintings
speaking & teaching


I have 22 years of experience as a freelancer, starting as a portrait artist and web designer. The last 12 years I’ve been working as an illustrator. Before that I worked as an art director, graphic designer and photographer for advertising and marketing agencies.


I always keep to deadlines. I communicate clearly about what I’m going to do and when the work is done. My creative expertise is broad: this way you can be sure that everything, from sketch to delivery, is done in a professional manner.


If we are going to work together more often or on a larger project, I like to get to know you and/or the organization better. We can schedule a phone call to brainstorm about the assignment, so that I understand what you have in mind.


“It was pleasure to work with Marloes. She not only delivered on the brief, but expanded it, made it her own and made the final piece better because of it. I’d be thrilled to work with her again and I recommend her to anyone looking for great work and collaboration.”

Mat Bisher (McCann)

“It is super nice and enjoyable to work with Marloes. She communicates clearly and calmly, thinks with you and you know exactly what to expect. The way Marloes looks at life is very inspiring. We are happy with her as a person and as an illustrator, we enjoy having contact with her and hope to work with her often in the future.”

Veerle (publisher at Davidsfonds/Standaard Uitgeverij)

“Marloes has quite a few different illustration styles so her illustrations always surprise. And she can write well! That combination, besides being kind and keeping her appointments, makes it very pleasant working with her.”

Caroline (Flow Magazine)

“We were thrilled to invite Marloes as a special guest to our live Q&A call for Find Your Creative Voice: Fly Your Freak Flag. She was brilliant! Marloes inspired lots of great questions from our students and answered them all brilliantly. We’d love to have her back again!”

Katie, Tania and Helen (The Good Ship Illustration)


Psychology, philosophy, HSP/high sensitivity, dealing with emotions, love for books, nature, hiking, developing self-confidence, conscious childlessness/being childfree, relationships, self-care and well-being, creativity, art and culture, solo travelling, the UK and more.

How does it work?

step 01

Send me a mail

I’d love to hear how I can help you so get in touch with me. If you already have a briefing, that helps but I would in any case like to hear what kind of work I can make for you, what the work will be used for and the deadline. The more details, the better.

step 02


When I have enough information about the assignment, I will write a quotation/proposal. I will send it to you by email and you can sign it digitally when you’re ready.

step 03

Brainstorming and sketches

Based on the briefing I will research the subject, brainstorm and then create sketches. From that process I select a few sketches that I send to you by email. Then you can send me feedback on the sketches, after which I adjust the sketches.

step 04


If you’re happy with the sketches I’ll work them out into the final work. Depending on what you’re going to use it for, I’ll make sure it’s delivered to you in the right way. For example, if it’s an illustration for a magazine, I will ensure that the files are ready for print.


How much does an illustration cost?

Every job is tailor-made. It depends on what you would like, the amount of work, what you are going to use the work for, licenses, any costs of printing, etc. To give you an idea: my prices start at €350 excl. VAT. If you want multiple illustrations within one project, the price per illustration will be cheaper. Illustrations/designs for a book cover start at €750 excl. VAT. If you’re thinking of working with me, feel free to get a quote.

When can you start?

I’m often available within a few weeks for bigger projects. For smaller projects it’s usually quicker.

Do we deal with all contact through email?

Yes, mostly. Email is most efficient for short-term projects. I don’t discuss anything business-related via Whatsapp, SMS or social media DMs. There are so many inboxes, it takes too long searching through all inboxes looking for a certain message. For projects that take longer, it is nice to call or talk to each other via Zoom, for example to brainstorm together. Sometimes it is useful that I come to you or that you come to me, for example to look at something to draw in the assignment. This will be especially useful for bigger projects.

Do you create wedding invitations, birth announcements or family portraits?

Unfortunately, no.

Do I own the work you create?

No, the copyright remains with me. Sometimes a client wants to buy off the work. That is possible, and I will prepare a lump sum payment for that. In my experience, buying out of copyright is not necessary in many cases, and an exclusive, unlimited license is sufficient.

What is a license?

“License” is another word for right of use. With a license, the client receives permission from the maker to use a design. As an illustrator, I grant a basic license whereby the client can use the illustration for an expression, such as a poster.

Can you arrange the printwork for me?

That’s possible! I have a network of printshops that I work with, depending on your budget. I will include the time I spend on contact with the printer and handling in the quote, so I would like to hear in advance whether you wish this.

Can I use your expertise in an advisory role?

Although I am someone who likes to do (and did) all kinds of things, I have decided to focus mainly on image making when I work on commission. Advice or help in the field of marketing, text writing, social media, photography, etc. is therefore not included as standard.

Can I edit and modify your illustrations?

I am happy to adjust the illustrations where necessary, in accordance with my hourly rate. But you are not allowed to do that yourself, because of copyrights.

Can I also post the work on social media?

It depends on the project and what we’ve agreed upon. Photos of the final product are of course always allowed. Do you want to place the created illustrations on social media independently, but we have not agreed a license for this? Please contact me first. Placement on social media counts as an extra publication (i.e. extra license).

Do you also provide product photography and texts for social media or website?

I do not offer this, but I can introduce you to people who can.

Do you want to promote the work/product and tag my company on your Instagram?

Advertising on my channels is not included in the price by default. If I find it appropriate to post the work, I am happy to do so, but under my own conditions.

I have a question not listed here.

I also have a much more extensive FAQ, feel free to check it out. If your question is still not listed, please send me an email.


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