I’m very passionate about illustration, art and freelancing, and I love to talk about it.

Topics that I can chat for hours about:

  • How to stay close to your core as a freelancer and artist
  • How to market yourself as an illustrator
  • Successful entrepreneurship as an illustrator and artist
  • How to live a good life as an artist
  • Being a highly senstive person and how to make advantage of it
  • Being child free


“I asked Marloes for an interview for the Dutch Illustration Podcast. I love her work, and I know that she likes to help fellow illustrators with honest experiences and advice and can talk passionately about her profession. Because she is enterprising, humor and smiley eyes, and a wonderful dose of self-reflection. We had a nice and honest conversation, to which I received many beautiful and grateful responses from listeners.”

Irene Cécile (Nederlandse Illustratie Podcast)

“I immediately knew that I really wanted Marloes as a guest in my podcast, because she is a great example of a maker who also knows how to use her entrepreneurship. Someone who stays true to her own makership and always puts it at number one. But at the same time also understands that it is important for many people to get to know your work. Besides great tips about visibility, marketing and finances, I especially remember how open and honest she is. She doesn’t tell a perfect story with only ups, but also dares to tell about the downs that made her the maker she is. We couldn’t stop talking!”

Dide Vonk (De Makers Podcast)

“We were thrilled to invite Marloes as a special guest to our live Q&A call for Find Your Creative Voice: Fly Your Freak Flag. She was brilliant! Marloes inspired lots of great questions from our students and answered them all brilliantly. We’d love to have her back again!”

Katie, Tania and Helen (The Good Ship Illustration)


#68 Verbinden statt Verkaufen: Online-Marketing für Kreative. *mit Marloes De Vries

Franziska Walther in conversation with illustrator, author and artist Marloes De Vries on how to use marketing (in English).

How to accept the change, say no, and stay connected to yourself

In this episode, I’m joined by Marloes De Vries, a visual artist, writer, and illustrator. We talk about navigating change as a business owner or freelancer, which includes listening to your intuition (and not just other people’s needs), saying no, or giving up control — and other issues online teachers deal with all the time. 

Eps. 18: Getting through hard times, becoming an illustrator + LOTS of random giggly banter

Marloes is open and funny and I just adored interviewing her! Her business journey is fascinating, as is the job she held before she was an illustrator. We talk about everything from going through hardships like depression, having anxiety and being an introvert to talking to animals, buying legos & our favorite and least favorite condiments.

De Makers Podcast

Hoe Marloes De Vries één van de bekendste illustratoren van Nederland werd en hoe haar pad verliep.

#16 Marloes de Vries: illustrator, auteur, kunstenaar. En heel gelukkig.

Een gesprek over haar droom om een prentenboek te maken, over ambitie, Bob Ross, witte huisjes, schrijven voor jezelf of een doelgroep, onderhandelen, en meer.

Wat je niet leert: volwassen worden

Illustrator Marloes de Vries legt uit waarom volwassen worden volgens haar optioneel is.

Episode #12 over #viral gaan met Marloes de Vries en Mark Sturkenboom

Jaap van Zessen in gesprek met digitaal strateeg Thomas Boeschoten (AD), kunstenaar Mark Sturkenboom en illustrator Marloes de Vries over viral gaan.

#12 Marloes De Vries – beeldmaker en schrijver

In deze podcast hebben we het o.a. over:
Creatief zijn zonder met je handen te werken
Het belang van je eigen verhaal vertellen
En nog veel meer!

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