Lotta (comic)

Client: Tina / DPG Media

My one-page comic strip ‘Lotta’ is published every week in the Tina (target group about 8 to 14 years old). The scenario, line work, colouring and lettering are all done by me.

Lotta does everything in her own way. Quirky and sometimes clumsy, always meaning well. She lives with her dad and her younger sister Elfie. Since her mom’s death, the three of them manage together. Grandma Toeps and Lotta’s best friend Bien also have a special place in her heart. Together with this cheerful gang, Lotta experiences small and big adventures every day.

Tina - Lotta door Marloes De Vries

As a young girl I read the Tina-magazine myself, but I couldn’t always identify with the characters. Except for Noortje, who was also as clumsy as I was. Although she was very boy crazy, and I wasn’t. My dream was to one day be able to make a comic for Tina myself. And then in 2018 I was approached by the editors if I wanted to make a proposal for a new comic. Noortje’s makers had both passed away and I had the honour to take this place. So the circle is complete!

Comic albums have also been made of the Lotta comics, published by Standaard Uitgeverij (Belgium).


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