Book cover design

Client: Hodder

For British book publisher I got to design the book cover for bestseller author Joanna Nell’s newest book, called ‘The Great Escape from Woodlands Nursing Home‘. The briefing entailed designing the cover as well as the illustration and hand lettering of the title.

The Great Escape from Woodlands Nursing Home

I always start with very loose sketches with pencil in my sketchbook. That way I can get all the ideas out of my head onto paper. I often immediately see what works and what doesn’t. Since the title is quite long, I thought it appropriate to put that really big on the cover.

I developed the sketches into a number of proposals for the client, as you can see above. A choice was made from this, after which I started making color sketches (see below).

A red background has been chosen for the final cover design, to make the book stand out in bookstores. The book has become a bestseller!

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