Een jaar met Wifi (‘A year with Wifi’)

Client/publisher: Davidsfonds

A book of immensely funny adventures, based on real people and almost real facts. My task as the illustrator was to create illustrations that showed humour, with occasional speech bubbles, like in comics.

I also worked on the cover design, because I actually enjoy designing book covers the most. As a designer and illustrator, I could play with the typography and form it into a whole together with the illustrations. With a bite of the dog Wifi out of the band!

‘A year with Wifi’ is a book of 25 funny, endearing short stories about Wifi in 2020, to read aloud or read by yourself from 7 years and up. In a year when the whole world went into lockdown, it became clear how indispensable Wifi was.

This is Wifi. Indispensable and furry, because Wifi is a dog. A real dog. Wifi is from the Netherlands, but he lives with a family from Belgium. This causes a lot of misunderstandings, because Wifi does not understand ‘Belgian’. Nor does he understand that he is not allowed to pee inside, that you cannot eat money and that you cannot give bras to the mayor.

I wrote all the chapter headings by hand, to keep it playful. The table of contents is also entirely by hand.


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