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Marloes De Vries

But who is Marloes?

Originally I’m from the peaceful North East of the Netherlands, but living in the busy West of the country since ten years. I’m probably going to move back though at some point. I illustrate children’s books, make comics for kids and adults, teach creative entrepreneurs about the business side and increasingly work as an autonomous artist. I am currently working on paintings about ‘finding home’. I can be found in England part of the year, while hiking over a hill or swimming in the sea, I bloody hate onions, and hope to have a vegetable garden and keep six chickens one day. Read more about me here.

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“Your newsletter is well done, peaceful and comforting in a way. I especially appreciate your thoughts sessions because I read things that I need to hear myself.”

“I think your newsletter is wonderful and inspiring. I’m always excited to see a new one pop up in my email. You always share such useful and upbuilding information.”

“Thanks for sharing your work and thoughts with us. I really get excited when I see that I have an email from you.”

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“Always interesting content. I take my time to read it!”

“I think your newsletters are always inspiring, giving me food for thought.”

“I like that you are so open and real. You write down your doubts and considerations, so that we can also better understand why you make certain decisions.”

“I love that you are so thoughtful and intentional. That sets you apart from everyone else.”

“Your newsletter is one of the best out there.”

“Whenever your newsletter pops up in my email list it makes me smile and it’s always a joy to read through. There’s something about it that feels like a letter to a friend and that’s the magic of it and the spirit behind what you’re doing in general and the warmth you’re putting out there.”

“I love getting your newsletter and usually save it for a time when I can read it slowly and enjoy all the lovely thoughts you share about being a creative professional and life in general. I really appreciate the book recommendations and have read quite a number of them. I also enjoy your stories about travel and experimenting with new techniques, leaning into change and embracing your needs as an artist and a person.”

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Frequently asked questions about the newsletter

What is the difference between the English and Dutch edition?

The language of course, but the Dutch edition also contains more content. This is because I create a lot of work for the Dutch market, which is less interesting if you don’t speak that language.

I subscribed but did not receive the welcome email.

It may have ended up in your spam. If you approve my e-mail address (newsletter@marloesdevries.com) as the sender or put it in your contacts, you have less chance that my e-mails are marked as spam. It might also be possible you made a typing error. In that case, please enter your information again.

I registered a while ago and now again, but I have not received the welcome email again.

That’s correct. If your email address was once in my list, you will not receive the welcome emails again. If you would like to receive it again, please use a different email address.

How often do you send me a newsletter, and when can I expect it?

About once a month. Usually in the first week of the month, but sometimes that differs. Very occasionally you can expect an extra edition, about once a year.

How do I stay informed about the sale of your paintings?

The best way is my newsletter. Subscribers get access to the sale first, before going on social media.

What platform do you use for your newsletters?

I’m currently using Flodesk. If you create an account with this link, you get 50% discount.

Do you send mostly sales-newsletters?

No, because I find such newsletters annoying too. My newsletter is more like a mini-magazine. Here is an earlier edition of the newsletter, so you know what to expect.

I can’t read certain blocks in your newsletter.

If you open the newsletter on your phone in dark mode, this might be indeed the case. At the top is a link that says ‘Read in browser’. If you click that, you can read the newsletter just fine!

Can you learn me how to make newsletter that people enjoy reading?

I can! I offer an online class called ‘newsletters for artists and creatives’ in which I teach all about the nuts and bolts of an interesting newsletter.

Do you want to collaborate with our brand/company for your newsletter?

When the product/service fits me and my work I am open to this. Please note I don’t work/advertise for free as I feel I’m worthy of being paid for the work I do. Feel free to get in touch and let me know what you have in mind and your available budget.

Is it okay if I add your emailadress to my own mailinglist without your permission?

No, it’s not. In fact, it’s not even legal.

I got another question.

Please check my FAQ-page because it might be possible I already answered it there.