Wayne Thiebaud exhibition in Museum Voorlinden

A while ago I was invited by Museum Voorlinden to take a sneak peek at their new exhibition by grand artist Wayne Thiebaud (on show until September 16, 2018). “There will be cake,” they said. “Say no more,” I said, and I was on my way.

Good thing to know is is that this museum is not as easily to get to by public transport as most museums. It’s a bit hidden in the woods but that’s also the charm of it. If you can drive a car, take the car.

The classics or contemporary art?

I’ve visited many museums because I am a geek like that. I visit them wherever I go but old art doesn’t tickle my fancy. Sorry Vermeer and Rembrandt! It’s nothing personal.
Recently I went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and although it’s good to see classic paintings in real life, it doesn’t inspire me much whereas new(er) art does. This might be because of my strong preference for a concept behind a painting and a more modern colour palette, while older paintings are mostly brown, ochre, red and blue to me. If Rembrandt had added some pink he might have swooned me (* just a joke, guys).

Wayne Thiebaud: colours and cakes and texture

But then the exhibition I was invited to: Wayne Thiebaud. If you don’t know who he is, you might want to look it up.

While I was walking towards the museum I saw this little booth in the middle of the grass. There were bakers handing out cake that looked exactly like Thiebaud’s cake. What a brilliant idea! I sat down with my drink and a slice of cake and enjoyed a bit of sunlight.

Then I entered the building which is surrounded by a beautiful garden. Straight away I headed towards the Thiebaud-exhibition. I knew his work already and even had seen his work in real life before in another museum. I was a fan right away. He has the colour palette that makes me drool. He uses brushstrokes that fit the subjects so well, you are tempted to lick the paitings (pro-tip: don’t).

Thiebaud’s glow

Thiebaud adds a sort of glow to his subjects which makes them alive and surreal at the same time. Do you remember those recordings on video and the image glitches a bit? That’s what I saw in Thiebaud’s paintings as well.

What I also noticed is that there is hardly any difference in style between his work from the 60’s or more recent work from the ’00’s. You might say that the man didn’t progress but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I love consistency and if you have found your voice, why not stick to it. And, oh what a voice, Thiebaud has!

All in all, it was a wonderful outing for me and I can highly recommend paying the exhibition a visit. The Wayne Thiebaud exhibition in on show until September 16 2018 in Museum Voorlinden.

First 5 images: copyright by Voorlinden, last 2: copyright by me.

I got a free ticket to enter the exhibition but was not asked to write a review, nor is this paid for. This is my personal opinion.


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  1. One day the ladies with the ice cream, portrait of his wife? Will be on my walls! ❤️