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Doing some Etsy shopping

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A while ago I got an email from Anna from Etsy, if I was interested in doing a portrait-drawing session for the EtsyNL launch in Haarlem. Of course I was! As you might have seen on my Instagram stories, I got to draw some lovely people at the event in November. Anna also offered me an Etsy-gift card to do some shopping on Etsy and write about my experiences in return. So over the last few weeks I did some extensive browsing in hundreds of Etsy shops to pick my favourite items and buy them…

To be honest, I found it quite difficult. And not because there wasn’t anything good to find. It was more that there were too many amazing things!
Anna asked me to focus on the European market mostly, so I did, with the exception of Canada. Because I would like to claim them to be Europe 😉
I have to say: there weren’t that many Dutch Etsy shops, but I found two I really liked.

Here’s what I bought:

Etsy shopping Marloes de Vries

1 All in line by Mattias Adolfsson (Sweden)
I have been following Mattias’ work for a while now and I just love his sketch books. Just take a look at his Instagram, where he posts amazing sneak peeks of his work! This book is packed with pages from his sketchbook, beautifully done with inks and watercolours. He also added some extra post cards in the package, which is always a big plus!

2 Make your own fun by Kriski (UK)
I have ordered zines and stuff before in Kristyna Baczynski‘s shop and it’s always such a joy! Not only does she package your order in an awesome hand drawn envelope; she also add lots of extra’s like stickers and cards. This zine is about making your own zine. I have been making my own for a while now and this only motivates me more to make even more zines!

3 Little Toad risograph by Helcovell (UK)
By accident I stumboled upon Hel Covell’s shop. I was just browsing, looking for some risograph goodies and suddenly this was suggested. I loved it immediately!
Instant fan, and I’m sure to come back to her shop!

4 Seasons Greetings by Kriski (UK)
So sorry guys, but I bought the last two cards! My best friend Emma send this card to me last year (or was it the year before?) and I loved them. So I bought them myself to send to some loved ones.

5 Original art by Moosekleenex (Canada)
I had this on my wish list for a while and when Etsy gave me the gift card, this is what I bought immediately! I haven’t had it in my hands yet, as I accidentally sent it to my old address on the other side of the country but the new owners of my old house, will hand it to me when I am there again. Can’t wait for it!
Kelly Bastow is crazy talented and she was lovely in her messages to me. Big thumbs up!
You can’t buy this one, as it’s a one of a kind art piece but Kelly has more!

6 Trio of illustrated songs by Cathon (Canada)
On my graphic novel spree (which I have about once a year) I bought a bunch of books including Vampire Cousins by Cathon. I fell in love with her work at once and had to have more. That’s how my brain works 🙂 So I ordered a set of zines in her shop which are in French but so sweet and loving.

7 Enamel pin window cleaner by Eva Stalinski (NL)
I’ve known Eva for a few years now and I’m a big fan of her work (and her sister Anne Stalinski). I would have bought something in Anne’s shop as well but she doesn’t have one.
Anyway: Eva’s pin is love! In Dutch it’s ‘Glassex’ and I have a some sort obsession with it because I clean everything with it. Also, the name translates into ‘having sex with glass’ so: double the fun. I had to have this one!

8 Year Long Summer by Moosekleenex (Canada)
Same as the original art, I haven’t seen it yet in real life but I am looking forward to read this graphic novel about first love, travel and heart break…

9 Sherlock and Watson enamel pin by Andsmile (UK)
Not the first time I ordered from Viktorija (who goes by Andsmile)! I ordered an original painting a few months back and this time I ordered her pins of Sherlock and Watson. Viktorija is always very sweet and add lovely little extra’s like stickers and cards. I’m a big fan of Sherlock and can’t wait til January 1st. Who’s with me? I’ll be wearing my pins.

10 Phone cover by Marieke Jacobs (NL)
While having coffee with my friend Nancy, my eye caught her amazing iPhone cover. I asked who made it and she directed me to Groningen-based designer Marieke Jacobs. Marieke makes high quality bags, wallets, phone covers and pouches by hand, in brilliant colours. So, if you’re looking for a hand-made cover or bag, Marieke is your gal!

If you’re looking for some last minute Christmas presents, I hope I have steered you towards some great designers and makers.
Like said above: this blog post was sponsored by Etsy.

Thanks for reading my blog, and see you next time!

Marloes De Vries








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