Due to my current schedule I have limited availability for new assignments.

It’s helpful for me to know what kind of work you need done, what it’s for, the deadline and your budget.

Unfortunately I’m not available for private commissions like birth announcements, family portraits, wedding invites, etc.

Ik spreek Nederlands, I speak English, ich verstehe Deutsch et je peux lire le français.


Please have a look at my FAQ. If you’re looking for help with your (illustration) business, feel free to dive into my blog. I don’t offer mentoring or 1-to-1-advice at the moment.

Just want to say hi?

Instagram is perfect for that! Find me at @marloesdevee. Feel free to comment on a recent post. DM’s mostly go unanswered.

🌱 Working with me means planting trees!

I love a lot of things, and I also love our planet. If you hire me for a project I invest part of your payment in green solutions. I plant a minimum of 1 tree per project through Dutch organisation Trees For All or multiple trees through One Tree Planted. The higher the budget, the more trees planted.
I also have solar panels on my roof to provide electricity, and my house and studio are using green energy.
On a personal level I do more to help our planet a bit, but these are the things that I do directly when working with you!

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