DIY: make your own nativity set

This is a DIY nativity set. Get crafty and create your own Christmas crib, or get crafty with your kids.
You’ll receive two A4 pages per download, which you can print on your home printer. After that, cut out the figures and glue them in the areas where it says ‘glue here’.

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16 reacties

  1. Hello,
    I would have like tout make your nativity set with my daughter but the link is not available anymore.
    How can I get it please ?

  2. Hoi,

    Ik vindt het top dat je een kleine bijdrage vraagt en deze ter beschikking stelt aan de voedselbank!

    Ik kan echter niet betalen met paypal, is het ook mogelijk de DIY met mobiel bankieren aan te schaffen?

  3. Hi! I paid for a set but a red download button doesn’t appear. I’m on a mobile phone and I would love for my children to have this Christmas craft. Can you email it to me?

  4. Our almost 4 year old asked for a Maria and Jesus to play with. Thanks to your coloring page set we had a great handicraft afternoon with her friend (the girls were painting and I had to cut and glue 😉 ) and now she is so happy playing the Christmas story.

  5. Thank you for making the Nativity Set designs available – they look beautiful, and it was so easy to purchase and download the designs! I run a youth club in Galway, Ireland and we’re going to build Nativity Stables with lollipop sticks so these figures will be ideal for the Crib.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  6. My download has a strange white mark on the manger. It also showed up on the printout. Can you take a look at it and see if it can be fixed? Thank you for the beautiful art.