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Comic Marloes De Vries teachers

Comic bullied teachers Marloes De Vries


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  • Reply Derrick Washington at

    You are totally awesome! I am a true fan of your quote: Always follow your heart. I love how you blended this blog together with illustrations depicting the obstacles you had to overcome in life. The blog is truly inspirational.

  • Reply bobbi arbore at

    Kind of the same thing that has happened to me. I was bullied throughout elementary school because I was partially deaf (later in years a doctor found out it was totally curable) and my teacher didn’t support me at all. in high school my teacher told me I could draw, but I wasn’t going to go anywhere with it because I had no passion and gave me bad grades because of this. Lack of passion for him was because of the fact that I didn’t buy the expensive art supply he suggested. I didn’t have the money, that was all. My parents were the worst. they told me I was never going to do anything good and that I was just dreaming and that ‘people like me’ (aka not cute enough) couldn’t have ambitious aspirations.
    It took me a loooong time. I worked as a designer, as a stylist…then I began drawing again. For myself only first. Guess what I do for a living now?

    • Reply Marloes at

      I believe talent isn’t worth anything without persistence. You can be the most talented person in the world, but if you’re not willing to put in the hard work, it’s not worth a dime. It only matters what you do with it. You only need a little spark of talent, combined with huge perserverance and the will to work hard, to make things a success. Pretty much everyone in the world seems to overlook that.

  • Reply Angelique Desiree at

    I so agree with you!

    My ‘heart-dream’ (hartewens) is to make a living from illustrations one day as well. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.
    Your blog helps me to keep te spirit up, while enjoying your heart warming creative works. You rock! sharing all this valuable information and inspiration that has helped you. In Peru they have an name for this generous reciprocity;it is called AYNI and it is in fact the bare bone of their society.


  • Reply Daima Aromolaran at

    I am not sure what I want from illustration just yet but I stumbled across your blog looking for books to get me back into it. I really love what you have achieved here, you have really inspired me to keep looking for my creative voice. I love your life illustrations, please keep posting, what wonderful stories.

  • Reply Mimoun Salhi Bouchfra at

    True Art must come from the Hearth.

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