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NL / Auteursrecht en licenties

This post is in Dutch as it applies to the law in the Netherlands. I do not have knowledge in foreign laws unfortunately, and every country has their own laws. Sinds ik freelancer ben, krijg ik nogal eens de vraag hoe het zit met…

three marketing p's
Freelance Diaries

Getting freelance jobs that fit you

This title might sound fancy eh? Maybe you’ll say: “Choosing jobs?! I’d be happy if I got handed one!”. But what I’ve learnt over the years is, is that the more picky you get with jobs, the better the assignments you get.…

How to become an illustrator
Freelance Diaries

How to start an illustration career (part 1)

Being an illustrator is a hot job: everybody wants to be an illustrator these days. It sounds romantic, iddylic almost. Drawing and painting all day every day. And when you got the skills to create a beautiful drawing, why not make this your full-time…

Illustrating for Flow Magazine
Freelance Diaries

Illustrating for Flow Magazine

It’s December 2009. I just got offered a new job as an art director and my then-boyfriend gave me this brand new shiny magazine to celebrate. I flipped through the magazine and said: “one day I hope to be in this!” This was the…