About this blog

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Marloes De Vries and I’m a visual artist and writer based near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I’ve been working as a freelancer since 2003 whilst getting my degree in art school. After I graduated I worked several years as a graphic designer and art director for ad agencies, when I decided to take the leap and work as a full time freelancer in 2009.

Since 2010 I added illustration to my work as this was almost my biggest passion. My heart lies with telling stories through words and pictures, and as an illustrator I can do just that.

Over the years my work has changed and evolved. In 2013 I started focusing mainly on illustration, and working for publishers and magazines. A few years later I added writing to that, and wrote several articles on mental wellbeing and personal development for magazines, including Flow Magazine.

Since 2018 I also write storyboards and scenarios for comics, and I’ve been working on picture books for children and non-fiction books for adults.

I combine my love for graphic design and illustration in designing book covers for several big publishers in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


My passion for writing started at a very early age. I must have been around 8 years old when I first jotted down my daily adventures in a notebook.
I started blogging back in 1999 on Livejournal but made the transition to my own hosted blog in 2016. I blog mostly about life as an illustrator, about art, and I love sharing personal stories and thoughts.

With my blog I hope to inspire others to a more creative life but I also love to share optimistic messages and honest stories about life.

This blog is my personal outlet for my thoughts and experiences as a freelance artist. I write about things that inspire me and what I would like to share with like-minded people.

Want to hire me for a freelance job?
I love working with nice people! Please go to this page and get in touch with me.

Not open to third parties
My blog is not available for articles written by other people than myself, nor am I interested in linking to other blogs or websites. I don’t appreciate emails asking for this.
If you decide to ignore this and send me an email anyway I will most likely ignore your email.
If you spam me (and other people) on a daily basis, I recommend taking a course in marketing. Seth Godin’s books are a good point to start.
My advice is to build your business focusing on the things you are good at, research the people/companies you want to work with/for before emailing them, and I recommend stop mass-emailing other freelancers. It’s highly unprofessional to not do your research.