Copyright: using images you found online

Let’s talk about copyright infringement guys! I’ve already written a post on what to do when you’re work gets used (stolen) without your permission last year, but as it still happens to me and other illustrators so many times I […]

tips for doing freelance administration

Tips on doing admin (for freelancers)

If you’re a professional illustrator or designer, or have read one of my other posts, you know this: it’s not all just drawing and cutting and glueing. On average I spend 60-70% of my time on anything but illustrating.One of […]

what to do when someone steals your work?

Copyright infringement: when people are stealing your work

Because of the internet everything seems to be free these days. It’s tricky because for your know it, you’ll be stealing someone else’s property. It’s a crime if you use an image that you randomly found on Google and use […]

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