shopping art supplies online picking colors

Shopping art supplies online: how to decide on colors

It’s really difficult to order the color you have in mind online. I’ve bought plenty of ‘wrong’ colors, that looked totally different online. Online shopping will always be a bit of a gamble. In no way can buying online outweigh buying in a shop, but in these times you might have to. I did learn along the way and here I will share my lessons with you!

sketchbook for illustration

What sketchbook for illustration to get

If you’re an illustrator or just have a passion for drawing, you’ve probably been there: you’re in an art supply shop filled with the most lucious sketchbooks. But what sketchbook should you get?

blog about Holbein acryla gouache

Painting with Acryla Gouache (Holbein)

There are illustrators that faithfully stick to one medium almost their entire careers. I’m not one of them.I love experimenting, trying out new material, different pencils, digital techniques. Trying new materials will bring my skills to a new level. For […]

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