Work with me

Hire me as an illustrator

I am available to work with companies, brands, publishers and magazines on commissions. If you got a project in mind, please do contact me and let’s see if we can create something together!

Sponsored/collaboration posts

I am open to writingĀ sponsored (meaning: paid for) posts if they are fitting with the tone of my blog or the interests of myself and/or my readers. I do not work for free/for exposure and expect to be paid for my time.
This blog is not available for posts written by third parties. I will always disclose a sponsored post.

I prefer working with brands and companies that have a passion for art and illustration but if you can fit in with my other passions (which are: books, high quality food, city trips, home decor and supplies related to art), please do let me know.

Feel free to contact me at hello(@) to discuss rates and details. Please note that I reserve the right to decline offers if I feel the company, brand or advertisements doesn’t fit in with me or my audience. As I want to keep my blog authentic I tend to be quite picky šŸ˜‰

Target audience

My writings are targeted at art school students, (aspiring) illustrators and anyone with a passion for art and creative life.
Although I keep my writing as unisex as I possibly can, my audience consists mainly of women between the ages of 24 – 35 years old. Most of whom are highly educated with an interest in art and creative business.

Social media reach

  • Instagram followers: > 77.000
  • Facebook likes: > 21.000
  • Twitter followers: > 3.800

Examples of collaborations

Painting with Acryla Gouache (collaboration with Splendith)
Doing some Etsy shopping (collaboration with Etsy)