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Art heroes: David Hockney, Maira Kalman and Oliver Jeffers


For years I was afraid to admire other artists. I was scared I would copy them one way or another, so I tried to steer clear from them. But not too long ago I came to the realisation that by admiring and researching other artists, I would become a better artist myself.

I have told some of my close friends this already but I’m taking a semi-sabbatical from work. I say ‘semi’ because I’m a workaholic to the core and I have bills to pay.
But I do take more time off and I spend it researching art, visiting exhibitions, reading psychology books.

To take you along in my journey researching my own voice, I share with you my heroes, my realisations and my troubles. In this post, you read about three of my many heroes.
I hope you enjoy!

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Doing some Etsy shopping

etsy shopping

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A while ago I got an email from Anna from Etsy, if I was interested in doing a portrait-drawing session for the EtsyNL launch in Haarlem. Of course I was! As you might have seen on my Instagram stories, I got to draw some lovely people at the event in November. Anna also offered me an Etsy-gift card to do some shopping on Etsy and write about my experiences in return. So over the last few weeks I did some extensive browsing in hundreds of Etsy shops to pick my favourite items and buy them… Continue Reading


Doing what makes you happy

Marloes De Vries blog

Today I found a letter I wrote to myself exactly three years ago. I posted in on Facebook and after that someone asked me to translate it to English to have it published on a blog. Three years have gone by and things have changed. But I can only say: I was right that everything will always work out in the end.

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A passion for a country: United Kingdom

Love for the UK

This week not a blog post about illustration but about another love: the United Kingdom.
Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming Basil and having a hotel named ‘Fawlty Towers’. I lacked the essentials: a lean figure and oh: I wasn’t male. The British accent I had covered. At age 11 my rapport card said: “Marloes should watch less TV because her accent is really British”. Being born in the Netherlands, in the countryside at that, this was of course a tad weird. Ever since that rapport card I have been trying to sound as Dutch as I can when I speak English. I feel slightly embarrassed about this! 😀

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